tag things with feelings and create multimedia moodboards

emotitagger allows you to tag things with the emotions they evoke. While rating scores and votes might indicate our evaluations of things, our responses to things are usually more complex. A single object can evoke desire, joy, resentment, jealousy..., and it's often difficult to put into words what something means to you.

moomood allows you to make and share multimedia mood boards. You can also easily group together things that evoke the same emotions in you and track your mood shifts over time and space.

An object is a cluster of emotitags, and an emotitag is a cluster of objects or emotitags. Sometimes an object is so special to someone that it defines an emotion all by itself, in which case, the object itself is its own emotitag.





days till launch



We're looking for users to help get emotitag off the ground. As one of our pioneering users, you'll be the first to contribute emotitags, associate content with them, and choose representations.

As an emotitag/moomood user, you'll be able to

  • retrieve things that evoke specific emotions.
  • track changes in your moods over time and with changes in circumstances or context e.g. life events, travelling.
  • share your feelings about things with others.
  • find new content to evoke a particular emotion by browsing with emotitags.
  • explore new facets of the things you like (and dislike) from others' emotitags.
  • create and share pretty (and ugly) multimedia mood boards.
If you're one of our first 100 users, we'll send you a T-shirt of your first moomood board.

We'd also welcome any feedback and suggestions to make the site better. We would also be grateful to any designers able to contribute skins to beautify moomood boards or icons to associate with emotitags.

FAQs for funders

To pay for servers, storage, and coffee for geeks.
  • Highly targeted advertising and recommendation. We have an extremely rich set of data on the responses users have to specific products and the responses that are evoked by similar products. Initially, we will use affiliate programs such as amazon associates or skimlinks to obtain revenue but later on we will consider more sophisticated agreements.
  • Special data services for organisations and individuals. For example, an enterprise may want to track to responses to their products through time with demographic segmentation.
1 million euros over 3 years to support rapid growth.